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Yale University Writer

I am Denise Blakney; who was recently enrolled at "Yale University Writers" located in New Haven, Connecticut; as well as resided inside one of the University's magnificent dorms over the summer, of 2018. I am an author of short articles and two novels. Yale University holds an abundance of history at their libraries, and because of having an interest in history, I do enjoy visiting all libraries. While strolling through other similar entities though, I sadly became aware of the minimal supply of "historical" information. At Yale, while looking-up an ancestor, from the 1600s, what a thrill it is to know that there is quite a bit of literature there and is still available.


The Plot, Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Genres - is only a portion of what it takes to write; there is so much to learn. I enrolled in the Yale Summer Writer course, and it was awesome. I enjoyed learning there, and by their methods of teaching; while listening to others' experiences, as well. During my stay, at the dorm: I sat at a desk, upon slate floors, and could hear bells chime. Which, at that time encouraged me to take a glance over at the window. This sound coincided with the evening's sunset; the streaks resembled golden fingers, as they shined through the scattered trees that aligned the sidewalk, outside. At the same time, a bird was making a chirping sound. My memory captured this, like a beautiful painting. I needed to remind myself, "just one more hour, of writing." When I walked to the cafeteria, (out front) there were a set of benches, that were positioned nicely, under tailored bushes. This caught my eye; as I hoped, then, I would get a chance to read there before I need to leave. Generally, a school's food is not something you would write about, but the kitchen was upbeat; and I could hear the staff sing, as they cook. I, too, will miss their wood-fired pizza. Also, while at the campus, I walked many streets; scoped the classrooms, and visited as many buildings as I could that were nearby...The tour gave me a feel of the 1700s. Not only did I gain an education, wisdom, and experience, during this short time; but, have acquired an ability to walk on grounds of famous (past) intellects. It is amazing: that the lovely campus of the aged, architectural stone, was erected several hundred years ago.

I have attached a few photos, and hope you enjoy them.

Denise Blakney

Yale University, along side bookstore

Alongside Yale's bookstore

Yale University, library


Yale University dorm


Yale University classroom


Photo (above) is a window just below the classroom.

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